"Virtual Reality Headset Sales Hit 1 Million
(November 30th, 2017)"
"20 million VR users by 2020"
Tractica VR for consumer markets
"Augmented Reality Will Be As Big As the iPhone"
Tim Cook (Apple CEO)
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VR and AR HMDs

Since 2013 we have guided the VR and AR strategy of some of the Australia’s largest companies and developed cutting edge spacial computing solutions.

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Google Approved 360 Photos


Google Maps Views



Victoria University

Victoria University


Custom built locomotion solution using a powered treadmill, Oculus Rift (DK1/Unity) and with Razer Hydra support for 6DOF tracking.


Bosch Australia


Infinity Amusements provided the hardware and software solutions ultimately choosen by Bosch to upgrade the motion simulators used in their Vicroads/RACV vehicle safety trailer.


Samsung Australia


When Samsung Australia needed somebody to build them their first Virtual Reality installation back in 2014 (before the GearVR announcement), they came to us.
(DK1 / Unity / Trek Bicycles)

Village Roadshow

Village Roadshow


Private Sydney and Melbourne pre-release screening, we scared the crowd silly with Samsung GearVR’s and a custom made 360 experience.


Bupa Optical


Two player recreation of a leg of the Santos Down Under Tour using real Trek bicycles.
(DK2 / Unity / Trek Bicycles)

Polished Man



We provided YGAP with a number of Samsung GearVR’s to show 360 content to their corporate partners to raise awareness and funds for the world’s most vulnerable – children.

"Having the latest and greatest in virtual reality was like a magnet to our audience – we had queues of people wanting to speak with us.

We wanted something that would attract people at a convention and keep their attention so we had the opportunity to engage and potentially sign up new members to our organisation.

The virtual reality headsets and displays gave our trade stand colour, vibrancy and excitement and reflected tremendously on our brand – we had more people come through our trade stand than we did any previous years for the same event"

Chris Melin, Manager Marketing and Communications (MIPS)

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