Inspired by events at the first Australian Penny Arcade Expo (PAXAus) Infinity Amusements (InfinityVR) started as a husband and wife team in 2013.

InfinityVR has since become a complete end-to-end spatial computing solution provider. From trade shows, expos and product launches to consulting  and custom development – we work magic with new technology to reach your strategic goals.

When Samsung needed somebody to create a VR experience for the announcement of the GearVR – they came to us. Since then we’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to provide their audience with unforgettable VR experiences.

Over the years we have formed partnerships with hardware and software makers across the globe to get you access to the latest Virtual Reality headsets, Augmented Reality devices, 360 cameras, high end “VR Ready” PCs (both desktop and laptops) as well as mobile VR and related accessories (tripods, lighting stands, television displays, etc).

Finally we also offer full 360 video production services (studios, camera equipment, staff and post-production), custom designed motion platforms and large format printing solutions to complete your total VR/AR experience.

Meet The Team

Sana Nolan

Sana Nolan


Sana is a hardware geek who has been experimenting with Virtual Reality technologies since the late 90’s.

As the primary product specialist for InfinityVR, Sana provides Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Spatial Computing consulting services and solutions.

Sana was one of the first 360 videographers in Melbourne, having recorded the world’s first large format TedX 360 talk for Joel De Ross and the world’s first live action lyrical 360 music video clip for Neda & Marrs. He is also a Google Truster 360 Photographer and a member of the International Virtual Reality Photography Association.

He is constantly experimenting with the latest hardware and software, finding new ways to solve old problems.

Jen Nolan

Jen Nolan

Concept Designer

Spatial Computing is such new technology, a lot of the old rules don’t apply. But some still do. It requires a lot “out of the box” thinking while still being grounded enough to stick to deadlines and budgets. That’s where Jen comes in.

With an Association Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing, Jen looks after all of our copy work and is our continuity editor. With over 15 years of administrator and clinical experience backing up those skills, Jen makes such everything gets done, and get’s done right.

Dylan J Walker

Dylan Walker

Software Lead

Dylan is a local developer from Melbourne, Australia specializing in game production, development and design.

Founder and Creative Director of Onerat Games and Host of Jamingtons Game Jam, Dylan is one of Australia’s most talented developers and looks after the Infinity Amusements software development team.

Dylan provides a diverse understanding of the interactive software industry and a unique creative direction to every project he works on.