Old PhoneFirst we learnt to hear.

Old TelevisionThen we learnt to see.

ModemNext we discovered how to speak…

Smart Phone…and how to share.


Rift Face

Learn to operate a crane. Learn to drive a truck.
Visit the beach. Visit the North Pole.
Race a Formula One. Cycle a Mountain Bike.
Visit space. Make friends with an alien.
Front row at your favorite concept.
New hair style without dye or scissors.
Literally walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes.

All of this is possible with
Virtual Reality and
Augmented Reality.
Where will your business go?


The Process


No two clients are the same.

First we meet with you to understand your brand and your goals while we teach you the basics of Spacial Computing (and let you have a play).


Not every idea is a good one.

Once you know what you are wanting to achieve we can set a plan to get you there. What hardware? Which technology? And within what budget?


Is it possible?

Many of our clients are working with first time concepts. For a small fee we will scope our your project first and make sure what you want to achieve can actually be done.


Now the real fun begins.

Our experienced team will walk you through the entire process from development to implementation. You’ll never feel lost, and can work closely with your internal teams to ensure all expectations are met.