Stand Out From The Crowd

Infinity Amusements has established itself as one of Australia’s premier digital entertainment providers and has partnered with hardware manufacturers and software developers from across the globe. We mix these technologies together to provide the most amazing experiences you can imagine.

Virtual Reality is like nothing else you have ever experienced. It’s impossible to fully describe without trying it for yourself and the experience, and it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

Perfect for:

  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Corporate Events & Team Building Exercises
  • Entertainment Festivals
  • Parties &  Wedding

Entertainment Packages examples:

  • Standing or Seating Virtual Reality experiences
  • Virtual Reality Painting
  • Walk The Plank
  • Motion Platforms (2DOF, 3DOF, multi-person)
  • Virtual Reality Bicycles (Single or Two Player)

We can also assist with a wide range of displays options and large format print services.

Contact us to discuss how we can cater for your next event.