Everybody loves pinball and they are fantastic at parties. The biggest problem when choosing a classic mechanical pinball tables becomes “Which one?”

Off the top of our heads we can think of at least a dozen games we’d love to play, but who has the space (or the budget!) for a dozen pinball machines? Now imagine a pinball cabinet that IS dozens of games.

Go Festival

That’s where virtual pinball comes in…

Virtual Pinball Cabinets allow for practically unlimited tables, and with minimal moving parts our cabinets are virtually maintenance free.  Tables include classics from Williams, Bally and Midway and well as animated tables including family favorites like Star Wars and Marvel Comics.

Our cabinets include over 100 tables. If you have a specific favorite you’d like included, just ask.

Custom Design and Signage

Want a pinball table in your company colors and logo?

We’ve got you covered.

Available anywhere Metro Melbourne
2 days notice

Australia Wide
1 week notice

Autobarn Dandenong
  • Genuine Pinball Components
  • Locally produced replica parts
  • Looks and plays just like the real thing
  • 2x Three Quarter Size Widebody tables available for rental
"Dear Santa: this virtual pinball machine with 100′s of tables is awesome."
Tony Hawk (Tweet after playing a VPCabs model in Las Vegas)